Educational Testing and Assessment Research Centre (ETARC) of University of Macau has been carrying out a school-based research project, called Assessment of Academic Quality for Learning (AAQL). The aim of the study is to help Macao schools use basic education curricula designed by China and neighboring regions. Based on the mission and curriculum decision making, schools can come up with their own tailored assessment procedures suiting the needs of the Macao students. This book records in detail the AAQL research project jointly undertaken by Pui Ching Middle School and the ETARC. Based on current assessment practices of the school under study, how rubrics assessment methods and procedures can be designed and utilized to verify learning objectives and students’ core scientific competencies are the focus of examination. The methods and procedures introduced help evaluate objectively whether a student’s learning progression can achieve the academic standards as laid down in the curriculum standards. Through the consultancy rendered by professionals of ETARC, the school and its practitioners are empowered to plan the reform of its science education assessment in a systematic way. The ultimate aim of multiple assessment introduced, which entails an intimate orchestration of Assessment of Learning (AoL) and Assessment for Learning (AfL), is to guide students to progress to the next stage of learning or development.