The Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (hereafter referred to as “IAS”) is committed to creating an intellectual platform for our faculty members. The IAS plans to invite faculty members each year to participate in the Fellowship Scheme through an open call for applications and Dean’s recommendation and become research fellows centred on three research themes, namely Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment (CCDE), New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences (IHUS), and Macao Studies from a Global Perspective (MSGP).


By leveraging on the diverse themed research projects, the Fellowship Programme aims to foster interdisciplinary research projects addressing pressing social issues and serves as a platform for exploring new perspectives, exchanging ideas, and encouraging potential collaborations across faculties.


  • To enhance the research capacity, publication quality, and international impact of the faculty in humanities and social sciences at UM;
  • To enrich the scholarship and intellectual dialogue in humanities on campus;
  • To strengthen international exchange and collaboration in humanities at UM; and
  • To promote intellectual giving-back of UM to the Macao society.


  1. The Fellowship Scheme (Regular Staff) is designed for UM scholars who demonstrate a strong commitment to interdisciplinary research and have the potential to make significant contributions to the three respective themes: CCDE, IHUS and MSGP. 
  2. The Fellowship Scheme (Those Who Are Not Regular Staff) is designed for senior or leading external scholars. It also aims to cultivate outstanding young scholars, offering opportunities for them to communicate with and learn from external senior scholars and internal scholars. Young and senior scholars can draw encouragement and inspiration from each other in the IAS. According to the visit plans and qualifications of the scholars, visiting fellows will receive different levels of funding from the university.

Support from IAS

  • Successful applicants will receive administrative support from the institute while organizing impactful events such as IAS Conferences, Guia Lectures, Guest Lectures, Public Forums, or other academic exchanges that fit the objectives and resource availability of IAS.
  • Affiliates are honorary and not employees of IAS. This appointment does not provide salary or benefits and the research projects do not get funding from the IAS. IAS may host multi-year research projects across faculties.

Commitment and Obligations

For fellows affiliated with the IAS, active participation in various activities to foster interdisciplinary exchange and contribute to the vibrant intellectual community is expected. The commitment includes:

  1. Active Engagement: Embrace involvement in IAS activities like seminars, workshops, conferences, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Enhance the academic atmosphere and promote knowledge exchange.
  2. Interdisciplinary Exchange: Engage with researchers from different disciplines, fostering interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. Enrich research outcomes and address complex societal challenges effectively.
  3. Producing Research Outputs: Conduct high-quality research aligned with IAS goals. Generate research outputs such as publications, conference presentations, and scholarly contributions. Contribute to knowledge advancement and showcase impact.

Application and Selection Process

  1. The candidate completes the application form and submits it to the IAS Office through email ( or internal mail (E34-3004).
  2. Faculty review and evaluate the submitted applications.
  3. The IAS makes the decision on fellowship selection after comprehensive consideration.
  • Guideline for IAS Fellowship Scheme (Regular Staff): PDF updated on 23/05/2024
  • Application form for IAS Fellowship Scheme (Regular Staff): Word updated on 23/05/2024