The Excellent Publication Scheme is launched by the IAS to encourage UM academic staff excellent in research to publish their specialised research outcomes in world-class publishing platforms in their respective fields. The support for each project will last for up to one year. In addition to becoming fellows, successful candidates will receive funding so that they can appoint substitute teachers to alleviate their teaching workloads, cover some of their publishing expenses, or pay for their or their postgraduate students’ attendance at international academic conferences.

Candidates should have completed the main body of their works to be published. In other words, at least 80% of a book or the first draft of a research paper should have been finished. Ideally, publication contracts, or initial assessment and revision requirements should be provided.

Fellows will still work in their original units, but should actively participate in the IAS academic activities, and timely submit academic outputs to the Office of the IAS for record as required.