Monthly Archives: September 2023

Guia Lecture – The Misinterpreted Demise of Qin Keqing: A Multifaceted Analysis Blending Socio-Legal and Redology
Sep 14 | Thu

Event Summary The 1st “GUIA LECTURE” of the 2023-24 academic year, titled “The Misinterpreted Demise of Qin Keqi ...

ZUMRI & IAS Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture: Writing about the daily life of modern Chinese cities – Big issues in small tea houses
Sep 20 | Wed

Event Summary 珠研院&高研院人文社科講座:“書寫當代中國城市的日常生活——小茶館裏的大問題”於9月15日在珠海澳大科技研究院成功舉辦。本次講座邀請到澳門大學人文學院歷史系講座教授、高研院副院長王笛教授, ...

IAS Seminar: Exploring the Typology of Taoism ——A Study on the Preface of Taoism in “Hanzhi”
Sep 05 | Tue

高研院2023-2024學年“道家哲學類型學發微 ——《漢志》道家小序研究 ” 研討會於9月1日在澳門大學線上Zoom成功舉行。本次講座邀請到中國人民大學國學院李若暉教授,李教授透過《漢志》中的道家小序之研究,深刻探討了道家哲學如何在歷史 ...