The University of Macau (UM) Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) held a welcome party for the pioneering batch of IAS fellows for the year of 2020 on 25 September. The first batch of IAS fellows consists of 25 academic staff coming from 5 faculties related to humanities and social sciences. All of them have either participated in the Signature Research Cluster (SRC) or Excellence Publication Scheme (EPS) academic programmes. Please refer to https://ias.um.edu.mo/171 for more details about the 2020 IAS fellows.

UM Vice Rector and Interim Director of IAS Billy So thanked the IAS fellows and other units for their support to the development of IAS. He also expected that the event could strengthen the relationship between the fellows, deepen future academic exchange and seek further cooperation opportunities, therefore utilizing the role of IAS as a university-level platform to help the UM develop world-class inter-disciplinary research teams in the two fields.

Dr. Sheng Mei, the national vocal musician and guest fellow of CKLC, and Prof. Katrine Wong, Director of CTLE, were invited to perform at the event. Dr. Sheng sang the song “Love My China” while Prof. Wong sang the opera “Quando me’n vo’”.

Among the guests present at the ceremony were: Michael Hui, Vice Rector (Academic Affairs); Ge Wei, Vice Rector (Research); Xu Jie, Interim Dean of FAH’ Jean Chen, Dean of FBA; Wang Chuang, Dean of FED; Richard Hu, Dean of FSS; Zhixin Yang, Director of RSKTO; Lampo Leung, Director of CAD; Zhu Shoutong, Director of CCHC, Agnes Lam, Director of CMS; Shui Bing, Associate Director of IAS and so on.