2020 IAS Fellows




Research Fellow

  Unit  University of Macau
Faculty Faculty of Education
Highest Education PhD in Religious Art, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Visiting Period 2020/08 – 2021/07
Signature Research Cluster Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment
Signature Research Cluster Project Title
  • A study of the social tradition and cultural evolution of Macau’s intangible cultural heritage
  • The Art of the Ancient Silk Road: Sculpture of Qiuci
Research Interest
  • Research on Silk Road Art
  • Visual Art Creation (sculpture and painting)
  • Cultural Heritage and Creative Cultural Industry
  • Chinese Sculptural Art Studies
  • Chinese Religious Art and Cultural Studies

Signature Publications

  • ZZhang, Z.X. (ed.)(2020)《丝绸之路艺术:龟兹造像》Ancient Art on the Silk Road: the Buddhist Images of Qiuci . 杭州:浙江大學出版社。Forthcoming.

  • Zhang, Z.X. (ed.) (2016) 《塑畫道形-中國道教藝術研究集》(Sculpt-Paint Daoist Images Studies on Chinese Daoist Art). Hong Kong: HKUCL Press, 2016.

  • Zhang, Z.X. (2012) 《張澤珣• 雕塑•繪畫》(Zexun ZhangSculpture•Painting). Macau: Fundação Macau, 2012.