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Organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences and co-hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the “Philosophy Forum Distinguished Scholars Series” was successfully held from October 31st to November 1st, 2023. This event gathered influential philosophers and experts around the world to share their academic knowledge and perspectives. Additionally, professors from different disciplines, both within and outside the university, were involved as moderators and panelists, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation. These discussions sparked profound contemplation of scientific principles and the human perspective on the world.

The inaugural lecture, “Where Did Red Go?” presented by Professor Jiaying Chen, commenced with an exploration of the absence of the color red as a point of departure, gradually unraveling the evolution of the connection between science and the human worldview. Professor Chen first referenced Galileo’s theory, which categorized the properties of objects into primary and secondary qualities. He then delved into the physiological mechanisms behind color perception and pondered the essence of color existence. Conclusively, Professor Chen emphasized the importance of studying the objective properties of existing entities, asserting its pivotal role in advancing scientific progress.

The second lecture, titled “Silence and Black-and-White” and delivered by Professor Zhouxing Sun. The lecture discussed four key aspects: the fusion of sound and color in the world, fundamental issues at the intersection of sound and color, sound-color nihilism, and an examination of hearing silence and observing darkness. This involved analyzing how metaphysical contemplation in ancient times was understood and how it has been treated in modern European scientific contexts. This includes examining whether it has been reduced to purely physical explanations or simplified in any way. Professor Sun extensively examined the connection between sound and color, introducing a distinctive theory on the presence of sound-color and providing a new point of view to comprehend this domain.

The third lecture, presented by Professor Yuk Hui under the title “Machine and Nothingness,” delved into the complexities of machine thinking. Professor Hui shared his experiences of using artificial intelligence software, such as ChatGPT, to explore philosophical questions. This discussion prompted reflections on how humans perceive machine thinking, human existence, and the concept of “nothingness” in relation to machines.

This event, which took place both on-site and through live-streaming, not only presented the profound ideas of esteemed philosophers but also sparked a renewed contemplation of the philosophical foundations behind events and a reassessment of the connection between humanity and the world. With the participation of over 600 scholars and students from both local and international backgrounds, the event sparked lively and passionate discussions.

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