South China Quarterly, an academic journal in humanities and social sciences published by the University of Macau (UM), has been ranked No.3 in sharing rate among all academic journals published by Chinese higher education institutions in 2020, Among the 59 articles published in the journal in 2020, 21 of them have been shared in full text, accounting for 35.59 per cent of all the articles published in that year.

The rankings were released by the Renmin University of China. 1,150 Chinese universities have entered this year’s rankings. The sharing rate reflects the percentage of top-quality articles in a journal. The sharing rate of South China Quarterly was calculated by dividing the total number of articles published in 2020 by the number of articles shared in the same year. Compared with other calculation methods, this method is more straightforward and without bias.

The ranking was launched by Renmin University of China back in March 2001, the rankings help to provide an unbiased assessment of Chinese journals in humanities and social sciences. They reflect the categorisation, quality, and development trends of these journals.