Encouraging cross-boundary studies

In its capacity as a platform for comprehensive research and exchange, the IAS promotes cross-disciplinary academic research, encourages collaboration between humanities and social sciences, and fosters cross-boundary exploration into humanities, social sciences, and science and technology (S&T).

Developing cutting-edge academic research

The IAS encourages fellows to engage in prospective research projects, and to generate innovative academic achievements or develop ground-breaking research ideas starting from robust theories or empirical studies, based on the latest academic developments.

Applying research to governance and people’s livelihood

The IAS also encourages fellows to, while engaging in academic research, explore the potential of social impacts that their research outputs may contribute, both in the short run and the long run, so that with solid academic knowledge, their research can have a direct or indirect impact on governance and people’s livelihood.

Giving back to Macao society

The IAS is committed to the development of Macao while adopting a global vision in its outreach. It is dedicated to providing academic support for Macao’s integration into the construction and development of the Greater Bay Area. To this end, the IAS particularly favours cross-disciplinary research related to Macao. Related high-quality projects and their applications are strongly supported by the IAS.