“Lampo Leong: The Dao of Ink”, the Macau Artists Promotion Program sponsored by the Macau Foundation, was opened at the Macau UNESCO Center at 6:30 pm on June 19, 2020. The exhibition displayed more than 30 works of contemporary ink painting and the wild calligraphy by Lampo Leong. Meanwhile, the painting album “Lampo Leong: The Dao of Ink” was released for the first time. Lampo Leong is the 88th artist to participate in the Macau Artist Promotion Programme.

Download Link of “Lampo Leong: The Dao of Ink”: http://faculty.missouri.edu/leongl/Biography/Book/LeongLampoDaoOfInkW.pdf

Source: Macao Vppm, Macau Foundation, Lotus Times, Ponto Final