2020 IAS Fellows



Senior Research Fellow

  Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department FAH – Department of Portuguese
Highest Education PhD in Comparative Literature and World Literature, Fudan University, China
Visiting Period 2020/09 – 2021/09
Signature Research Cluster Macao in a global perspective
Signature Research Cluster Project Title 《交匯與抵達》論文集
Research Interest
  • Literary translation
  • Representation of China in Portuguese literature
  • Poetic criticism

Signature Publication

  • Long Life Dragon’ s Beard Candy, Writers Publishing House,Beijing,2015.
  • Palavras Cansadas da Gramática (Poesia e Fotografia), Gradiva, Lisboa, 2014.
  • Enemies on the Deadwood, Writers Publishing House,Beijing,2014.