The 2nd IAS Lecture on Frontiers in Humanities organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) was successfully held on 15 October. Professor Richard Fitzgerald, Senior Research Fellow of IAS, Professor of Department of Communication of Faculty of Social Sciences was invited to give a lecture on the topic “The Remarkable Sociology of Harvey Sacks” Professor Ricardo Moutinho, Associate Professor of Department of Portuguese of FAH to be the moderator of this lecture.

To actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention policy, this lecture was arranged online via Zoom. Around 110 participants signed up for the event, including professionals, students, alumni, and external audiences, effectively promoting academic dialogue and boosting the intellectual atmosphere on UM campus.

This lecture belongs to the cluster of “New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences”, IAS will continue to hold series of academic activities related to the three Signature Research Clusters – “Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment”, “New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences”, and “Macao from a Global Perspective”, to strengthen academic dialogue and exchange.