The Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) successfully concluded its welcoming meeting for IAS Fellows on the afternoon of October 20, 2023. Prof. Xingzhong Yu, the esteemed Director of IAS, chaired the gathering, which brought together a diverse group of accomplished fellows.

Commencing the event, Prof. Yu highlighted the significance of conducting a mask-free welcome meeting, a departure from the norm during the ongoing epidemic. In his opening remarks, he delivered a concise self-introduction and extended a warm welcome to all IAS Fellows present.

The meeting seamlessly transitioned into an engaging session where attendees introduced themselves, offering insights into their research interests and expressing expectations within the vibrant IAS community.

Prof. Liu Shih-Diing, this year’s recipient of the EPS scheme, expressed heartfelt gratitude to IAS for its invaluable support in the imminent publication of his upcoming book. Prof. Liu emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and expressed hopes for more opportunities to collaborate with Fellows from various disciplines, fostering collaboration in different zones of academic exploration.

Following this, Prof. Wang Qingjie, a distinguished senior research fellow integral to IAS since its inception, provided profound insights into the pivotal role of IAS in shaping academic pursuits. His words reflected the enduring impact of the institute on scholarly endeavours.

The newly joined junior research fellow, Prof. Li Zhenning, shared initial experiences of navigating IAS, expressing confidence in forging deeper connections in the future. Other Fellows followed suit, introducing themselves, delving into their diverse research fields, and expressing unwavering support for IAS activities.

The meeting cultivated an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie, encouraging professors to passionately share their professional experiences. As conversations flowed, delightful refreshments of snacks and coffee added to the convivial atmosphere, marking a memorable gathering for all in attendance.