Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Health Sciences – Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Contact Office: N22-6012
Tel: (853) 8822 4675
Email: mwchen@um.edu.mo
Research Interest
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics
  • Biomaterial and Nanomedicine
  • Targeted Drug Delivery System

Recent Publications

  • P Hua†, D Jiang†, ZP Guo†, HY Tian, XS Chen, MW Chen*. Amplified cancer immunotherapy of PD-L1 blockade by sequential tumor microenvironment reshaping and DC maturation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, 453: 139795. (IF: 16.744)
  • X Wang, P Hua, CW He, MW Chen*. Non-apoptotic cell death-based cancer therapy: Molecular mechanism, pharmacological modulators, and nanomedicine. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 2022, 12(9), 3567-3593 (IF: 14.907)
  • MY Zhao, HJ Zhuang, HX Zhang, BH Li, J Ming, XY Chen*, MW Chen*. A LRET Nanoplatform Consisting of Lanthanide and Amorphous Manganese Oxide for NIR-II Luminescence Lifetime Imaging of Tumor Redox Status. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022, e202209592 (IF: 16.823)