Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Law – Department of Global Legal Studies
Signature Research Cluster New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences
Research Interest
  • International and Comparative Criminology
  • Comparative Criminal Justice
  • Empirical Study of Criminal Law
  • Community and Crime
  • Drugs and Crimes
  • Research Methodology and Social Statistics

Signature Publications

  • [A104] Eric G. Lambert, Francis Boateng, Jianhong Liu, Jinwu Zhang, Shanhe Jiang (2022) “Exploring the Relationship of Organizational Justice with Chinese Prison Staff Life Satisfaction” Prison Journal (SSCI) (Scopus)
  • [A103] Carrie K.W.Li, Jianhong Liu corresponding,, Xuan Chen (20/06/2022). “Chinese Women’s Financial Independence and Their Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Experience”. Violence against Women. https://doi.org/10.1177/10778012221097143. (SSCI) (Scopus)
  • [A102] Henry Pontell, Jianhong Liu corresponding, Christopher Contreras, Soi Wan (Donna) Leong, Li Huang (29/03/2022) “Occupational Crimes in Casinos: Employee Theft in Macau, China”. Crime, Law and Social Change. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10611-021-10001-2 (SSCI) (Scopus)