Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Social Sciences – Department of Communication
Signature Research Cluster Macao Studies from a Global Perspective
Research Interest
  • Journalism/Journalistic Writing
  • History of Press/Communication
  • Interpersonal and Group Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Oral Communication/Public Speaking
  • Event Planning

Signature Publications

  • 林玉鳳,2016:《中國近代報業的起點──澳門新聞出版史1557-1840》,中國社科文獻出版社。[Lam, I. F., 2016: The Beginning of the Modern Chinese Press History: Macau Press History 1557-1840), (Social Science Academy Press China. ]
  • 林玉鳳,2013:《澳門,一覺醒來在拉城》,澳門日報出版社。[Lam, I. F., 2013: Macau wakes up in Las Vegas” (article collection), Macao Daily Press.]
  • 林玉鳳,2013《澳門公民社會指數初探》,澳門公民力量。[Lam, I. F., 2013: Pilot Study on Macau Civil Society Index”(Research Report), Macao Civil Power.]