Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Social Sciences – Department of Psychology
Signature Research Cluster Macao Studies from a Global Perspective
Research Interest
  • Behavioral addiction (e.g., gambling disorder, gaming disorder, Internet addiction, problematic smartphone use, and excessive spending)
  • Alcohol and other substance use
  • Posthumous organ donation
  • Physical and mental wellbeing of Chinese elderly

Signature Publications

  • Lau, J. T. F., Wu, A. M. S. #, Ma, Y. L., & Lau, C. M. M. (in press). Associated factors of behavioral intention regarding childhood influenza vaccination among parents of ever-vaccinated and never-vaccinated 24- to 59-month-old children in Hong Kong. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health.
  • Chen, J. H., Yu, E. W., Su, X., Tong, K. K., & Wu, A. M. S.# (in press). Mental distress during the COVID-19 pandemic: Its association with public perceptions toward government’s anti-pandemic responses and lifestyle changes. Current Psychology.
  • *Yang, H. M., Tong, K. K., Li, Y., Tao, V. Y. K., & Wu, A. M. S.# (in press). Testing the influence of social axioms on Internet gaming disorder tendency with a cross-lagged panel model: A one-year longitudinal study. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.