Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Signature Research Cluster Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment
Research Interest
  • Contemporary European Philosophy, esp. Heidegger’s Philosophy and Hermeneutics
  • East-West Comparative Philosophy
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Signature Publications

  • Wang, Qingjie, 2020. From Dasein to Ereignis – Heidegger’s Denkweg. Shanghai: The China Publisher Group. 《從“親臨存在”到“自在起來”—海德格爾的思想道路》,王慶節著,上海:中國出版集團,2020。
  • Huang, Yong & Wang, Qingjie (co-ed.) 2020. Philosophical Book Series in Hong Kong and Macau (Phase One, 6 Volums), The Eastern Publisher; 《香江哲學叢書》(第一輯共6卷)黃勇王慶節 合主編,上海:中國出版集團,2020。
  • Wang, Qingjie, 2019. ed. with introduction, Virtue, Law and Their Traditions in China – Ethics and Jurisprudence from a Comparative Perspective. Zhejiang: Zhejiang University Press. 《德性、法律與中國傳統 – 比較視域下的倫理與法理》,王慶節主編並導言,浙江:浙江大學出版社,2019。