Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Law – Department of Global Legal Studies
Signature Research Cluster New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences
Research Interest
  • International Economic Law / International Trade Law / WTO Law
  • European Union (EU) Law
  • Transnational Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Law & Technology
  • Cultural Heritage Law / Creative Industries / Creative Economy / Cultural Diversity
  • Comparative Law
  • Legal Oxymora and Legal Theory

Signature Publications

  • Neuwirth, Rostam J. (2023). The EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act: Regulating Subliminal AI Systems. New York/London: Routledge. [ISBN 9781032333755].
  • Neuwirth, Rostam J. (2018). Law in the Time of Oxymora: A Synaesthesia of Language, Logic and Law. New York/London: Routledge. [ISBN 978‐0‐8153‐4669‐2]
  • Neuwirth, Rostam J. (2006). The Cultural Industries in International Trade Law: Insights from the NAFTA, the WTO, and the EU. Hamburg: Dr. Kovač. [ISBN 3‐8399‐2535‐1]