The first MSGP Cluster Meeting 2022-2023 was held online via Zoom by the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) on 31 October 2022. In this regular luncheon meeting of IAS, the IAS fellows from Sub Cluster MSGP expressed their welcome to the new members, and exchanged academic knowledge in their research fields.

In the meeting, Professor Wu Man Sze Anise gave a presentation on “IGD among Adults in Macao: Community-dwelling Adults, Online Gamers, and University Students”, sharing the recent research results on internet gaming disorder (IGD), particularly from the perspective of gaming motivation, people’s game frequency, increase monetary expenses, the problematic smartphone uses and problem gambling symptoms. Professor Xu Jianhua introduced the latest research results on “One University, Two Worlds? The Polarization of Academic Performance in Macao’s Higher Education”. His presentation gave a panoramic perspective on substantially polarized academic performance in higher education in Macau and analyzed the reasons and factors behind it, which provided research-based intellectual support for policy-making in the area of education in Macao.

This Cross-disciplinary Dialogues Meeting belongs to the cluster “Macao Studies from a Global Perspective”, aiming to enhance the understanding of Macao from a comparative, inter-disciplinary and global perspective. IAS will continue to hold a series of academic activities related to the three Signature Research Clusters – “Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment”(CCDE), “New Opportunities at the Intersection of Humanities and Sciences”(IHUS), and “Macao from a Global Perspective”(MSGP), to strengthen academic dialogue and exchange.

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