Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Highest Education PhD in Philosophy, Tulane University, U.S.A.
Visiting Period 2021/09 to 2022/09
Signature Research Cluster Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment
Research Interest
  • Continental Philosophy, esp. Heidegger’s Philosophy and Hermeneutics
  • East-West Comparative Philosophy
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Signature Publications

  • Wang, Qingjie, 2020. Heidegger’s Who’s Analysis in Being and Time and The Communal Being, in Joachim Klose& Walter Schweidler The Gift and the Common Good: An Intercultural Perspective Paperback, Baden-Baden, Germany: Academia, 2020. 127-150
  • Wang Qingjie, “The ‘Kin Concealment’, Justice and Moral Dilemma in Confucian Ethics”, in Chinese-Literature-Philosophy Bulletin, Sinica, Taiwan, vol. 51 (2018), 39-64. 王慶節, 〈親親相隱、正義與道德兩難〉,《中研院文哲所集刊》, 51 (2018), 39-64.
  • Wang, Qingjie, 2016. Moral Affection and Confucian Exemplary Ethics. Beijing: Peking University Press.《道德感動與儒家示範倫理學》,王慶節著,北京:北京大學出版社 ,2016年。