Unit University of Macau
Faculty/Department Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Department of History
Highest Education PhD in East Asian history, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Visiting Period 2021/09 to 2022/09
Signature Research Cluster Chinese Culture in Diverse Cultural Environment
Research Interest
  • Modern China
  • Chinese Social and Cultural History
  • Chinese Urban History
  • Chinese Secret Societies

Signature Publications

  • Xiaoshi de gucheng: Qingmo minchu Chengdu 消失的古城:清末民初成都的日常生活記憶 [The lost ancient city: Everyday life and memories in late-Qing and early Republican Chengdu]. Beijing: Shehui kexue wenxian chubanshe, 2019.
  • The Teahouse under Socialism: The Decline and Renewal of Public Life in Chengdu, 1950-2000. Cornell University Press, 2018. Winner of the Best Book Award for 2019 from the Urban History Association.
  • Violence and Order on the Chengdu Plain: The Story of a Secret Brotherhood in Rural China, 1939-1949. Stanford University Press, 2018