Journal of South China Quarterly

South China Quarterly is published by the University of Macau as its arts journal. It is a comprehensive journal of theories in humanities and social sciences with the publishing principle of “focusing on humanities, touching upon interdisciplinarity and transcending beyond boundaries”. The journal publishes in traditional Chinese characters quarterly. Articles in this quarterly journal covers global and regional issues, as well as issues in China. Meanwhile, not only do they look at the East and China from a global perspective, but also discuss global issues from an eastern perspective.  Columns of the quarterly journal include Frontier Focus, Controversy Over Current Issues,  Dialogues Between the Eastern and Western Civilizations,  Reflect on Past and Ponder Future,  Forum on Chinese History and Culture,  Thinker’s Salon,  Master Speech,  Exclusive Comments, Overseas Express,  Research of New Literature in Chinese, Research of Macaology and so on.