Recipients of the “Excellence Publication Scheme”

The EPS was established to encourage the academic staff at UM to achieve outstanding research results and publish their work in world-class publishing platforms in their respective fields.

The successful candidate(s) will become fellow(s) of IAS and receive funding to alleviate their teaching workloads, covering some of their publishing expenses, paying for their postgraduate students’ attendance at international academic conferences, and so on.


Prof. Shih-Diing Liu

Professor, Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences
Project Title: Affective Spaces: Politics, Emotions, China
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


Prof. Jianhua Xu

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences
Project Title: The Chinese Policing Web: Agents of Social Control in a Chinese Metropolis
Publisher: Oxford University Press


Prof. João  Ilhão Moreira

Assistant Professor, Department of Global Legal Studies, Faculty of Law
Project Title: The Regulation of International Commercial Arbitrators
Publisher: Hart Publishing


Prof. Richard Fitzgerald

Professor, Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences
Project Title: On Sacks: Methodology, Materials, and Inspirations
Publisher: Routledge