The 2nd IAS Annual Conference 2022




Welcome to the 2nd IAS Annual Conference!


The theme of the 2022 IAS Annual Conference is “The Power of ‘Truth’: A Dialogue Across Disciplines”. The conference will take place in the Library Auditorium of the University of Macau from 11 – 13 May 2022.

By providing an international platform for discussion across disciplines and bringing together scholars from different professional backgrounds, the conference aims to engage the international community of academics in in-depth discussions and exchange their unique perspectives on “truth” in Chinese cultural context, global context, market context and Macau context, and on a wide range of social issues at the interest of the public concern, including “truth” brought by scientific technology and epistemology.

There are no geographic limits to joining the event. The 2022 IAS Annual Conference can be attended virtually so that it will feel as if you are there, connecting with other people, networking, and getting inspired.

We look forward to welcoming many attendees and meeting new faces!