Academic Committee

This Academic Committee is appointed by the rector for a term of three years. It is responsible for deliberating such matters as academic directions of the IAS, planning of activities, applications for research projects, fellowships and research outcomes.

Academic Committee Members
1ChairBilly, Kee Long SOIAS Interim Director, Chair Professor of History, Vice Rector (Student Affairs), University of MacauPersonal profile
2MemberDENG XiaonanDirector of Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of History, Peking UniversityPersonal profile
3MemberCHEN YinchiChair of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Professor of Classical Chinese Literature, Fudan UniversityPersonal profile
4MemberWU XiaoboDirector of National Institute for Innovation Management and Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Professor of Innovation and Strategic Management, School of Management, Zhejiang UniversityPersonal profile
5MemberAlbert PARKDirector of Institute for Emerging Market Studies, Chair Professor of Economics, Chair Professor of Social Science, and Professor of Public Policy, Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPersonal profile
6MemberYU XinzhongAnthony W. and Lulu C. Wang Professor in Chinese Law, Cornell UniversityPersonal profile
7MemberWANG QingjieDistinguished Professor in Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of MacauPersonal profile
8MemberZHAO XinshuChair Professor of Communication, University of MacauPersonal profile
9MemberRico, Long Wai LAMRegistrar, Professor in Management, University of MacauPersonal profile
10MemberCHEUNG Kwok CheungDirector of Educational Testing and Assessment Research Centre, Professor in Faculty of Education, University of MacauPersonal profile
11MemberSHUI BingIAS Associate Director, Professor in Faculty of Law, University of MacauPersonal profile